Electric People - Låtlistor sorterat namn
Låtlistor sorterat på namn

:W:	War
??	DaDaDa
??	Giana Sisters
À;Grumh	Bigundi polka
a;Grumh	Ha? people
a;Grumh	Drama in the subway
Aaron Satcliffe	Moody blues
ABC	The ?? of love(?)
Adolphson - Falk	Stockholmsserenad
Alphaville	Big in Japan
Alphaville	Forever young
Alphaville	Sounds like a melody
And One	Deutsh machine
And One	Get you closer
And One	Get you closer, club version
And One	Life isn't easy in Germany
And One	Monoton
And One	Second voice
And One	Techno man
Apoptygma Berzerk	Electronic Warfare
Apoptygma Berzerk	Non-stop violence
Apoptygma Berzerk	Paranoia
Archatos	Strength of unity
Automatic	Thanks god it's Friday
Bal Pare	1-2-3
Batery?? 	Texovsit??
Berliner Express	Actung ??
Berliner Express	The russians are coming
Billy Idol	Dancing with myself
Blipp	På moln
Bogodzo??	On the run
Boy Tronic	Luna Square
Bronski Beat	Smalltown boy
C-Tec	Foefal(?)
Callapued System	Blute jetzt
Camouflage	Love is a shield
Cat Rapes Dog	American dream
Cat Rapes Dog	Dead boys…
Cat Rapes Dog	Trojan whores
Ceta Davu	Have in mind
Children Within	Gallery
Cjarden eden??	The model
Cobalt 60	Bye bye
Cobalt 60	If I was…
Cosmicity	Keep me in mind
Covenant	Feedback
Covenant	Figurehead
Covenant	Riot
Covenant	Speed
Covenant	Stalker
DAF	Der Mussolini
DAF	Verschwende deine Jugend
DAF/DOS	International song
Daily Planet	Radioactive love
Dance or Die	Dance or Die
Dance Or Die	Time
Data	Living inside me
De/Vision	Blue Moon
Depeche Mode	Blespherous rumours
Depeche Mode	Dreaming of me
Depeche Mode	Everything counts
Depeche Mode	Fools
Depeche Mode	I just can't get enough
Depeche Mode	It's no good
Depeche Mode	Master and Servant
Depeche Mode	Megamode 2
Depeche Mode	Never let me down again
Depeche Mode	New life
Depeche Mode	No disco
Depeche Mode	No good
Depeche Mode	People are people
Depeche Mode	Personal jesus
Depeche Mode	Personal Jesus (12" version)
Depeche Mode	Photographic
Depeche Mode	Policy of truth
Depeche Mode	Policy of truth (Beat Box remix)
Depeche Mode	Policy of truth (Marocco mix)
Depeche Mode	Route 66
Depeche Mode	What's your name?
Depeche Mode-medley	
Der Plan	Gummi twist
Desireless??	Voyage voyage??
Devo	Whip it
Die Form	??
Die Krupps	Germaniac
Die Krupps	Goldfinger
Die Krupps	High Tech/Low life
Die Krupps	Metal machine music
Die Krupps	Tod und Teufel
DM / Pouppée Fabrikk	Photographic
DuPont	Über dir und über mir
Duran Duran	Wild boys
Elegant Machinery	Repressive thoughts
Elegant Machinery	Words of w.
Erasure ABBA	Take a chance on me
Erasure	I love to hate you
Erasure	Pistol
Erasure	Sometimes
Eurythmics	Sexcrime (1984)
Eurythmics	Sweet dreams
Evils Toy	Organics
Evils Toy	The old race
Fad Gadget	Life on the line
Falco	Rock me Amadeus
Fancy	Slice me nice
Frankie Goes To Hollywood	Relax
Freestyle	Rider omkring
Front 242	Body to body
Front 242	Headhunter
Front 242	Headhunter (Project X-mix)
Front 242	Lovely day
Front 242	No shuffle
Front 242	Rythm of time
Front 242	Tragedy for you
Front 242	Until death us do apart
Front 242 / Project X	Headhunter 2000 (P-X mix)
Front Line Assembly	Circuitry
Front Line Assembly	Plasticity
Funger Vogt	Killing fields
Funker Vogt	Fortunes of war
Funker Vogt	Remember childhood
Funker Vogt	Tragic hero
Gaffa	Modemet blinkar rött
Grease	Grease lightning
Hallucinogen??	Shaker shaker??
Heat Dept.	New Power
Heaven 17	I'm your money
Helm	Around…
Human League	Don't you want me
Instans	Kylen ligger…
In Strict Confidence	It itiddetnthahts??
Joy Division	Love will tear us apart
KMFDM	Don't blow your top
KMFDM	Drag??
KMFDM	Megalomaniac
Komputer	We are Komputer
Kraftwerk	Komputerliebe
Kraftwerk	Radioactivity (12" mix)
Kraftwerk	Radioaktivität
Kraftwerk	The Model
Kraftwerk	Tour de France
Leatherstrip	Adrenaline rush
Leatherstrip	Evil speaks
Liasine Pargeu??	Los ninas dupagen??
Liasons Dangerueses	Los niños del el parque
Lights Of Euphoria	Give me you
Lustans Lakejer	Begärets dunkla mål
Lustans Lakejer	Diamanter
Lustans Lakejer	En natt som denna natt
Lustans Lakejer	Kylan…
Lustans Lakejer	Kärlekens ögon
Lustans Lakejer	Vackra djur…
Maars(?)	Pump up the volume
Malaise	We are colliders
Marylin Manson	Beautiful people
Men without hats	Safety dance
Mesh	You didn't want me
Ministry	Jesus built my hotrod
Ministry	NWO??
Ministry	Stigmata
Nasa	Back to square one
Nena	99 luftballons
Neotek	Brain over muscle
New Order	Blue monday
New Order	True faith
Nine Inch Nails	Closer
Nine Inch Nails	Head like a hole
Nitzer Ebb	Backlash
Nitzer Ebb	Godhead
Nitzer Ebb	Isn't it funny how your body works
Nitzer Ebb	Let your body learn
Nitzer Ebb	Smear body
Nitzer Ebb	So bright so strong
Nitzer Ebb	Violent playground
OMD	Enola gay
OMD	Messages
Oomph	Der Neue Gott
Oomph	Mein herz
Orange Sector	Für immer
Orange Sector	I was made / Kids in America
Orange Sector	Kids in America
Page	Dansande man
Page	Hus av glas
Pankow	Das Wodkachaos
Pet Shop Boys	It's a sin
Pig??	Contempt??
Pouppée Fabrikk	Summon the spirits
Pouppée Fabrikk	Tot ??
Pouppée Fabrikk	Photographic
Presto Fervant	Butchers knife
Project-X	Fearless
Project-X	Safety Dance
Prong	Rude awakening
Propaganda??	P-machinery??
Rammstein	Du richt so gut
Rammstein	Sehnsucht
Rammstein	Engel
Ratata	Ögon av is
Rational Youth	City of light
Red Flag	Nevermind http
Reeperbahn	Gröna tapeter
ReHate	ögon av is
Restricted Area	Oblier
Rheingold	Fan fan Fanatisch
S&P	Mein Schatz dieser Nacht
S.P.O.C.K	Dr McCoy
S.P.O.C.K	Never trust a Klingon
Sabrina	Boys
Saft	Ditt namn i min mun
Saft	Superstjärna
Saft	Underbar
Salt n' Pepa	Push it
Samantha Fox	Touch me
Sandra	Maria Magdalena
Schotch	Delerio mind
Second Decay	Das steht so gut
Second Decay	Der Nerv
Second Decay	I hate Berlin
Second Decay	Moonlight lovesong
Shamen	Move any mountain
Sigue Sigue Sputnik	20th Century boy
Sigue Sigue Sputnik	Love missile
Sisters Of Mercy	Alice
Sisters of Mercy	Amphetamine logic
Sisters of Mercy	Temple of love
Skinny Puppy	Assimilate
Skinny Puppy	The choke
Skinny Puppy	Warlock
Soft Cell	Tainted love
SPK	Metal Dance
Statemachine	Thermal noise
Superswirls	Tune in your…
Taco	Puttin' on the Ritz
Telex	Moscow disco
Terminal Choice	Deathwish
The Buggles	Video Killed the radio star
The Cure	100 years
The Cure	Boys don't cry
The Cure	Boys don't cry (12" version)
The Cure	Let's go to bed
The Cure	Lovecats
The Cure	Play for today
The Cure	The walk
The Cure	The walk (Everything mix)
Timeless Worlds Of Space	Miranda
Titan	Titan
Titan??	Dreammaster??
To Da Rythm	Mystic
Tolschock	Kicks
Trans X	Living on video
Trickster	White line
Trio	Da da da
Trylok	Never give up
Tyske Ludder	Die Ganle
U2	Megamix
U2	New years day
Ultravox	Passing strangers
Velodrome	Glass fabrikk
Virtual Voices	Prao på Systembolaget
Virtual Voices	Skräpmaja
Visage	The damned don't cry(?)
VNV Nation	Freude
VNV Nation	Solitary
Welle:Erdball	Deine Augend
Welle:Erdball	Der Telefonanruf
Welle:Erdball	Deutsche Jugend
White Zombie	Mort human...
Wumpscut	Emboryodead
Yazoo	Don't go
Yazoo	Happy People
Yvonne	Modern love
Yvonne	Systematic
Yvonne	Systematic (EP-version)
Yvonne	Veins(?)
Yvonne	Wires